Consulate General of Portugal in Manchester

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Consular Outreach Visits

This Consulate-General will perform consular outreach visits in eight cities in 2018:


Consular Outreach Visits are periodic trips undertaken by one or several consular employees to a certain previously defined place. They are done within this Post's jurisdiction area, aiming to ensure consular support to a determined community that objectively lacks it.

Appointments in Consular Outreach Visits are also subjected to previous scheduling by email.

If you intend to book an appointment to Visits that are to be performed in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle-upon-Type, Wrexham or Grantham, please send an e-mail to this Consulate-General. 

If you intend to book an appointment to Visits that are to be performed in Leicester, Portadown or Cardiff, please click here.


Scheduling for Consular Outreach Visits in 2018

Cardiff (Wales)

28 February to 2 March;
18 July to 20 July;
5 December to 7 December.

Edimburgo (Scotland)

27 June to 29 June;
10 October to 12 October.

Glasgow (Scotland)

4 April to 6 April.

Grantham (England)

24 and 25 May;
25 and 26 October.

Leicester (England)

12 June to 15 June;
13 November to 16 November.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne (England)

6 and 7 September.

Portadown (Northern Ireland)

31 January to 2 February;
20 March to 23 March;
8 May to 11 May;
3 July to 6 July;
25 September to 28 September;
28 November to 30 November.

Wrexham (Wales)

16 February;
2 November.


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