On the next Saturday, 11 August, the Star and Shadow Cinema, in Newcastle upon Tyne, will premier Miguel Gonçalves Mendes's new documentary, "O Labirinto da Saudade" (Saudade's Labyrinth) with the support of the Camões Institute and the Consulate-General of Portugal in Manchester.

The session will begin at 18:30 and will be followed by a debate that will feature the director's presence. Tickets can be purchased on the same day.

20035 labirintouk


18:30-18:45: Reception and introduction of the documentary

18:45-19:50: Airing of the documentary 

19:50-20:00: Pause

20:00-20:30: Debate with the director

You may view the film's trailer in the following link https://vimeo.com/281256786

Further information: Miguel Gonçalves MendesO Labirinto da Saudade , Longshot

Source: https://www.instituto-camoes.pt/sobre/comunicacao/noticias/20035-reino-unido-exibicao-de-o-labirinto-da-saudade

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