Service at this Consulate General is by appointment only.

For some services, such as those listed below, you will need to book your appointment online.

- Birth registration;
- Consular registration;
- Citizen
card application/renewal;
- Passport
- Travel
authorisation for minors;
- Signature validation;
Certified copies;
Residence certificates.

Appointments for any other services should to be requested via email.

When emailing to request an appointment date, please ensure you provide full details for the service you require. In order to find out what information you will need to provide, please click here. Additionally, when emailing, please name the service you require in the subject line or in a sentence in the body of the email.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please email us as far in advance as possible.

You need no appointment to collect your Citizen Card/Passport or to confirm an Address Change on your Citizen Card. You simply need to attend Monday to Friday during our normal business hours: 8.45am to 12.30pm and 2.10pm to 4pm.

At this ConsulateGeneral you can obtain all consular services listed below.

  1. Consular registration
  2. Electoral registration
  3. Notary Public services
    1. Signature validation;
     3.2. Certified copies;
     3.3. Power of attorney;
     3.4. Travel authorisation for minors.
  4. Identification/ travel documents
    1. Citizen card (first card, renewal and address change);
     4.2. Passaport;
     4.3. Document collection;
     4.4. Emergency travel document.
  5. Civil Registry services
    1. Birth registration (for children under 18);
     5.2. Birth registration (for adults);
     5.3. Certificate of no-impediment;
     5.4. Marriage registration
     5.5. Death registration;
     5.6. Repatriation of deceased (and death registration).
  6. Other services
    1. Residence certificate;
     6.2. Certificate to import your vehicle into Portugal;
    6.3. Criminal record certificate;
     6.4. Military Service registration;
     6.5. Birth/marriage/death certificate.

Consular Services are chargeable, except for:

- Consular registration;
- Electoral registration;
- Birth registration (for children under 18);
- Death registration;
- Certificate of Life;
- Signature validation on Portuguese nationality applications.

To view the Consular Emolument Table for applicable charges, click HERE.
Please note that all charges are subject to any exchange rate variation.

We accept payment by card or in cash, in Pound Sterling.


This Consulate General organises Outreach Visits to:

- Aberdeen;
- Boston;
- Cardiff;
- Edinburgh;
- Glasgow;
- Grantham;
- Isle of Man;
- Leicester;
- Newcastle-upon-Tyne;
- Portadown;
- Wrexham.

Service at Consular Outreach Visits is be appointment only.

If you wish to book an appointment at our Consular Outreach Visits in Aberdeen, Boston, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Grantham, Isle of Man, Leicester, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Portadown or Wrexham, please send an email to 

If you wish to book an appointment at our Consular Outreach Visits in Cardiff or Grantham please send an email to the following organisations:

Portugal Wales 




Please note: fees for consular services at our Consular Outreach Visits are subject to a 15% surcharge

For information on dates and location for all Consular Outreach Visits, click here or visit Consular Outreach Visits.

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